Methods for avoiding email delivery to the spam folder

July 7, 2022

We’ve all asked ourselves, “Why isn’t my campaign working?” In most cases, the problem is that the email ends up in the junk inbox.

I believe that an email marketing campaign may generate a lot of revenues for a company, but it’s even better if a company can avoid having its email end up in the spam mailbox. We’ve all asked ourselves, “Why isn’t my campaign working?” In most cases, the problem is that the email ends up in the junk inbox. After plenty of testing and experience, I developed a step-by-step approach to avoid your email from being routed to the trash mailbox, as well as all the secrets you need to know to succeed in your email marketing campaign.

If you complete every step in this lesson, your emails will no longer be in the junk folder.

Your email keywords

Certain terms should be avoided while emailing. Infect, email spam detection service scan for certain terms that might be used for fraudulent behavior, for example:

Not to do with emails

Not to do when sending an email is by typing, EARN FREE CASH FAST FOR FREE 100% SAFE.

The image clearly illustrates the hight chance of ending up in the spam folder. Mail that contains words like cash, fast, free, and 100% safe, that shouldn’t be used. These are all trigger words that cause emails to be sent to the trash mailbox. We sometimes use one or two trigger words by accident. If you work in finance, for example, you may be tempted to use words like credit cards or loans, which have a high danger of showing up in your customers’ spam box. Hubspot has a great piece on email spam phrases to avoid.

Here’s an overview of the most important:

bad keywords and what to avoid

charts with texte written: Buy, Additional income, Cheap, Cash bonus, Full refund, Get paid, Click here, This isn’t junk

Check out the whole list here: 

Must follow an email structure

Make sure you follow a certain guideline while doing an email marketing campaign.

Include an Unsubscribe link

It may seem important to know how many people sign up for your monthly newsletter but allowing them to unsubscribe from the newsletter is equally crucial. According to CAN-SPAM in the United States, CASL in Canada, and the GDPR in Europe, you must include an unsubscribe button in your newsletter that links to a website or an e-mail.

If you want to learn more, go visit: 

Must add an unsubscribe button inside email

news letter insert an unsubscribe button on mails

Image: a screenshot from Medium’s newsletter.

Include a location

It is also necessary to include the store’s address when compiling with CAN-SPAM. You may provide your company’s Post Office Box or home address if you have a software company for an ecommerce website or if your company does not have a physical presence.

Street address

Company's headquarters location by email

Image: a screenshot from Microsoft’s newsletter.

Try to keep your title as simple as possible; no fancy world, no clickbait. Just be honest and straight.

no Fancy Words in emails

to do 3CX | Struggling to increase your leads? to avoid LIFE HACK THAT MADE ME 200 Million MORE LEADS IN 24H!

From the image at the top, you can clearly see the difference between the to-do and the not to do.

Here’s what you should include in your title:

Begin with your business name, followed by a | or a:

e.g 37Cookies | what make good cookies?

2. By finishing your title with a question, you may increase your open rate by engaging customers.

3. Avoid using all capital letters. Not only do capital characters appear suspicious, but individuals are unlikely to open such email.

Best practises for HTML

If you want to send an email with a design, keep your HTML clean and simple.

Image size

Make sure that your photos are compressed.

To do so you can use these free resources:

Also, to make the picture as light as possible, all of your pictures should be smaller than 600px by 800px.

size Matter

Size of 800 pixel by 600 pixel

Heavy email is often routed to the junk mailbox by email providers because by experience some large emails may include malicious script. To put it another way, keep your email as brief as possible.

Some organisations no longer send email with design and pictures since they have discovered that the open rate is increasing. Emails with no HTML perform better because they appear more casual.

To seem more genuine, some businesses create email other than [email protected]……com and insted they use real name, with a professional signature. As a result robot’s look like an employee, the email open rate will improve, because when we send a message to an individual, we pay more attention than when we carry the message to a group of individuals. So, begin your conversation with Hi, followed by the person’s name, and your opening will be greater.

As more people use smartphones, it is critical to make your designs mobile-friendly.

The email’s technical scope

  1. Obtain permission to send: To comply with GDPR, ensure that your clients select the box to receive newsletters during the registration process, otherwise do not send them promotional emails.
  2. Check the reputation of your IP (Internet Protocol). To discover whether your IP is blacklisted, go to I strongly advise you to use email marketing campaign providers like SendGrid, Activecampaign, and Campaignmonitor. It is the responsibility of ensureing that their IP addresses are not registered in the spam database.
  3. Role basis email address: If you want to send promotional emails to your clients, start by removing role base email address to maintain your open rate hire. The role base email address is a generic email account created by the company. Here is a short list of role base email addresses:

role base email addresses

Those emails aren’t directed at a specific person, but rather to a group of individuals, and they can’t lead you to additional opportunities.

Validate your email address

One of the ways that some businesses accomplish is by sending all emails to be verified and determining whether the email is legitimate. When you send an invalid email, you make a hard bounce, which might land your email newsletter in the junk inbox for all your consumers. As a result, email verification is vital to the success of your campaign. You may utilise for free and remember to clear your email list on a regular basis for optimal efficiency.

The technical part

you may not be the most technically savvy person in your organisation, perhaps it is critical that your email include certain authentication method. That is why it is critical that you or your IT (Information Technology) department have implemented the following:

  • Framework for Sender Policy (SPF)
  • Mail Identified by Domain Keys (DKIM)
  • Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance Based on Domain (DMARC)
  • Message Identification Using Brand Indicators (BIMI)

To learn more, you can checkout: 

Last but not least, do some tests.

Finally, test your emails before sending them to your customers. Take few emails from your full list and send them the newsletters we called it A/B testing. How well does it perform? Look for strategies to improve your open rate. Don’t forget to employ spam detection software such as Spam-Checking Tools are designed to determine whether your email was filtered as spam and how you can improve.

To conclude, after reading all steps it is time to apply that you just learn. After all, you’ve learned about the email structure, the importance of compliances, and the technological.